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Wearable App Development

Artech Global is all set to help you to take huge progress for the future of technology with a spectrum of wearable app development services and solutions.

We serve an all-embracing range of wearables available.


Fitness Trackers

Device or application for invigilating and tracking fitness-related metrics such as distance walked or run, calorie circulation, and in some matter heartbeat and quality of sleep.

Smart Watches

A wearable computing device that can provide functionalities such as calculations, translation, making calls, messages, and be accessing applications available on a smartphone device.


Implantable are devices that users take with them wherever they go as they are contained under the skin through surgeries in several forms like tattoos, pacemakers, and defibrillators.

Wearables User Experience & Interface Design

Building highly intuitive and functional apps that converge complex requirements from embedded programming, data technology and display for wearable devices.

Back-end Systems

Specialize in articulating software backend for wearable for analytics and scalability, optimize on-device and web interfaces for data visualization, intuitive controls, and build API.


Wearables App Development Advice

Specialization in ratings, proving and quick prototyping wearable solutions effectively from initial abstraction to effective integrations with large systems.

Wearable Payments

Intelligent jewelry benefit activity tracking of a fitness band without silicon lease, a smartwatch with clear screen in a fashionable manner i.e. earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings.

Pros Of Progressive Web App

This architecture comes with a progressive enhancement as a core principle with multitude of advantages.

Perks of why do you pick us ?

We provide cutting-edge wearable devices application development services to helping you stay further and profit first-proposer advantage. Whether it is lifestyle, fitness, medical, gaming or utilities, our team of developers will fetch your vision to life and create wearable app development experience that proceeds all expectations.

  • Activity launching through sound commands
  • Effectual unification with system oration recognizer app
  • Consolidated unification for best compatibility with sensors
  • 24*7 Technical Support

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