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Artech Global provides a complete and unified approach to IT Infrastructure management. In order to achieve sustainable profitability and growth all companies need to deliver a superior IT experience, however, no two companies manage IT the same way. Some manage IT internally other outsourced their IT, but regardless of how you run it. On the cloud, mobile, virtual and all physical servers everywhere because when IT fails, business fail.

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Targeting Successes

Artech Global serves comprehensive IT Management Solutions for Every Industry


Our network design and network installation services ensure that your network operates with maximum capacity and is the most cost-effective way to link your computers. There are many ways to build a network. We ensure that yours is right for you and your budget.

Infrastructure Management

An experienced IT services provider with credentials in all dimension of Infrastructure Management Services would be an ideal partner to guide enterprises in this transformational journey. By infrastructure management we offer you the below managing services that you can do.

  • Get high grade service standards or levels
  • Practical & process oriented services
  • Productivity of staff increasing
  • Availability & expectation of system improvising
  • Alternatives for IT services expanded
  • Strategic intelligence focused upon

Service Integration & Management

Service Integration and Management is a prototype to build a service unification layer to manage relative services from multiple internal and external dealer.

Non-profit Organization

We offer a wide variation of IT support options for nonprofit organizations. We have the capability to equipment the ideal IT infrastructure for your organization all while keeping your goals and budget in mind.

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Security Operations

A security operation is a comfort that houses an information security team responsible for monitoring and analyzing a companies security posture on an ongoing basis.


Don’t wait till next cyber attack take your business down and cause down-time. When it comes to your business, computer networking must be handled by experienced and professionals. That’s why Artech global offers expert network evolution service. We estimate your network configuration, network security, backup system, hardware, server. Then we notify if your system needs network upgrading, computer services, or any other improvements.

Our system will constantly monitor the system logs or events and administrator will get a notification accordingly if anything:

  • For any administrator it’s tough to handle event or system logs, we provide online operational assistance for the same.
  • We will get you a common understanding of security and its related information. So that managing can be easy.
  • The logs will be recorded and then will be analyzed upon for discovering threat or malware.


Take any infrastructure management as an example and we can find what can be the performance degrading reasons. It is pretty clear. When application’s loading is increased by the time, it causes any system to slow down. There comes server performance monitoring. By this, the changes of work load at server will be monitored and recorded. Administrator will get a notification if the limits or workload exceeds some defined levels. And after studying of history of workload, the administrator can take special actions if required. Thus, we get you server performance monitoring simply for better performance


In today’s world, onsite support is important as system are getting more sophisticated and being more automated. The users or the administrator don’t have a complete knowledge of technologies & its processes. Therefore we provide for onsite support where in we cover for quickly problem resolution & improving further on end user productivity.

Perks of why do you pick us?

We managed IT services providing cost-effective on hardware and maintenance while enlarging system capabilities, tightening security and compressing downtime. Will revamp your business technology.

  • With a managed cloud network, the provider manages all applications and servers in a central data center.
  • With service level contracts in place, you can be assured of continuity of service. A managed service company will also offer 24×7 support.
  • Migrating to a cloud domain is the first step in future proofing your data center.
  • A pay-as-you-go payment scheme permits for hasty growth when essential

Drive your business on cloud

Whether you are at the office, or on the road, you will always be connected.

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